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If you are looking for the highest quality learning environment for your child – and who isn’t – look no further than Creative Playrooms Montessori School & Child Care Centers.  We have child care center locations in Independence, Maple Heights, Parma, Solon, Strongsville and Westlake, Ohio.

$400 off tuition coupon at Creative PlayroomsCreative Playrooms Montessori & Child Care Center’s mission is “to offer the highest quality learning environment for the successful development of the total child, in clean, modern and safe facilities.” The mission is achieved through programs balancing individual experience, small group participation and large group activities at any of their six locations. Don’t let the size of the facility fool you. Our buildings are designed with functionality and the needs of each age group served in mind.

Joan Wenk - Founder/ CEO & President of Creative PlayroomsOwner Joan Wenk, who wrote her master’s thesis in the late 1980s on integrating a Montessori preschool model in a traditional daycare center, opened her first center under the name Creative Playrooms 49 years ago. “At Creative Playrooms, our mission is to offer the highest quality learning environment for the successful development of the total child.”

Why is Montessori education different?

It focuses on self-directed learning where the child is free to explore and discover, allowing students to experience the joy of learning and promoting the development of self-esteem. Children are respected as being different than adults and different from other children. The most important years for learning are birth to age 6. Children possess unusual sensitivity and cognitive abilities for absorbing and learning from their environment, which includes people, as well as materials.


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