Family owned and operated for more than 49 years, Creative Playrooms emphasizes quality at every level of operation.   We are recognized as one of the best childcare providers in northeast Ohio.Always in full compliance with the federal, state, and local regulations, we have consistently received the highest ratings by all licensing, monitoring, and evaluating agencies.

At Creative Playrooms, our mission is to offer the highest quality learning environment for the successful development of the total child.   This is achieved through programs balancing individual experience, small group participation, and large group activities.

“We are recognized as one of the best childcare providers in Northeast Ohio”

Teachers frequently recommend our child-care center, knowing that its graduates are well prepared and consistently perform at higher levels than children who have not received the same quality preschool experience.

Creative Playrooms believes that children carry within them the full potential of the person they will someday become.  We are continually at the forefront of innovative industry standards in child care.

Our goal is to always ensure that the best interest of the total child remains the single most important consideration.