Pre-Kindergarten Programs

PRE-K AGES: 4 Years to 5 Years

The mission of Creative Playrooms has always been to offer the highest quality learning environment for the successful development of the total child. In order to continue to accomplish this, we have implemented a new Pre-Kindergarten curriculum which has been developed according to the Ohio Department of Education Early Learning Content Standards. These content standards include Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. We follow a weekly calendar as the children rotate to different learning centers. The content standards describe essential concepts and skills for young children and are aligned to the K-12 indicators, benchmarks, and standards that results in a seamless educational framework.

To complement our pre-k curriculum and give you, as parents, a better indication of your child’s skills, abilities, and learned concepts, we have developed a new evaluation form. Your child’s teacher will conduct an evaluation in October and April, which will be followed by a parent-teacher conference.

Our pre-kindergarten programs include swimming, art, music, Spanish class, computer labs, indoor and outdoor play. Children can also participate in extra activities such as All about Dance, Stretch-N-Grow, and Soccer Shots.

Creative Playrooms Pre-Kindergarten Program

The children enjoy Show-n-Share on Fridays. Show-n-Share gives children the opportunity to bring in and discuss an item that relates to the theme of the week. We have many special fun days that include Pajama Day, Camping Day, along with celebrations on Dr. Seuss and Frosty the Snowman’s birthday!

It is our goal to help prepare your child for the upcoming Kindergarten year both academically and socially.