Preschool Program

PRESCHOOL AGES: 2 1/2 Years to 3 Years (must be potty trained)

Our Preschool program is structured around learning centers Math & Science, Practical Life, Manipulatives, Art, and Gross Motor. We follow a weekly calendar of planned activities as the children rotate every half hour to the different learning centers. Our curriculum focuses on beginning letter and number recognition, shapes, and colors. Children participate in an introduction to Spanish class and computer labs. Our academic program is designed to help prepare your child for Pre-Kindergarten.

Each November and April your child’s teacher will complete an evaluation on your child designed to help identify your child’s strengths and needs. One of our goals is teaching your child to begin to become more independent.

Creative Playrooms Preschool

This will be accomplished through tasks such as putting toys away, dressing themselves, and washing their hands. Another main goal is socialization with other children. We will work on listening to others, helping our friends, manners, following directions, taking turns, sharing, and group activities.

“…your child will become more independent working with our patient and energetic staff”

Our staff is energetic and patient, taking delight in seeing your child learn and grow. There are extra activities that your child may participate in such as swimming, Stretch-N-Grow, and All About Dance.

Our classrooms have a diversity of materials, supplies, and activities ready to spark your child’s interest!