Sample Curriculum

Our Child Care Curriculum Snippet

Infant Info – Themes: Cold, Snow, Bubbles

  • Sensory: Mirror Play, Pudding Fun, Puppets, Hard/Soft, Fuzzy
  • Gross Motor: Kick the Ball, Crawling, Stacking Blocks, Bowling, Rolling the Ball
  • Fine Motor: Puzzles, Cheerio Pick-Up, Color the Circle, Tissue Toss
  • Audio/Visual: Beat the Drum, Body Awareness, Clapping, Animal Sounds

Sr. Toddlers/Preschool Posting – Themes: Snowflakes /Icicles, Wheeling About, Once Upon a Time

  • Art: Wheel Painting, Snow Drip, Castle in the Sky,
  • Science: Melting Snow, Water Colors, Snowflake Patterns
  • Cooking: Graham Cracker Cars, Stop Light, What is a Snowflake?
  • Language art: Letter Review, Counting, Matching the Mittens
  • Practical Life: Mechanic, Princesses, Snowplower, Set the Table
  • Manipulatives: Connectors,BuildingTowers,Lincoln Logs

Pre-K Publication – Themes: Brr! It’s Cold, In a People House, At the Zoo, Big Top, Special Day Celebrations

  • Language Arts: Letters P, Q. R, & S, Number Practice, Beginning Rhyming
  • Science: Animal Cookies, Popcorn Balls, Melting Snow, Sink & Float
  • Music/Movement: Yoga, Winter Pokey, Frosty Celebration
  • Art: At the Big Top, Animal Dotter, My Family, Snow Paint, Snowman
  • Decorations

Before & After School Social Corner – Themes: Alice in Wonderland – Disney

  • Backyard Science: Snow Melt, Magic Stones, Rabbit Hole Hunt, Lunar Celebration
  • Cooking: Tea Test, Un-Birthday Cakes
  • Games Galore: Card Houses, Through the Looking Glass, Un-Birthday Party Games
  • Art: Cat Print Painting, Clay Tea Cups, Party Hats, Tye-Dye Paint