Toddler Program


Welcome to our Toddler Child Care Program! The Toddlers are very busy throughout the day! They are always exploring and learning new things of interest to them. To help support their growth and development through exploration, we provide the children with educational and fun activities as we rotate through our learning centers. We spend approximately 30 minutes in each of our six major learning centers: Language Arts, Science, Art, Manipulatives, Practical Life, and Gross Motor, following a weekly curriculum. Each learning center provides the children with learning opportunities that include teacher and self-directed activities, as well as one on one and/or group activities. Spanish and Baby Can Read are also incorporated into your child’s week. The Senior Toddlers can participate in Swimming.

Toddlers are gaining their independence and learning self-help skills. Potty training and learning to dress themselves are big steps to our young learners. At this age, they are insistent on doing things themselves, and we encourage them to try on their own even if it takes a little longer. During this time your child is learning to drink from a regular cup and feed themselves with little or no assistance. Keeping this in mind we ask that you please provide a full change of clothes, including shoes to be kept in your child’s cubby.

If it sounds like your Toddler will be busy learning through play and activities all day, they are! After all, the busier they are, the more they learn; the happier they will be.

We do plan special activities throughout the year such as Favorite Snack Day, Pajama Day, and Friendship Salad Day, just to name a few.

Our center cook prepares a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack each day.Please stop by or call us for a personal tour of our Toddler Program.

Toddler Program