November 19, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:
It is with heavy heart that we must report to the management and facilitators at Creative
Playrooms that our children’s last day at the Westlake center will be November 26th. This
disappointing change of venue for our child care needs is the result of a professional promotion
and relocation in job assignment.

We have been thoroughly impressed with the care our children have received from the staff at
your facility and the warm, caring family feel provided by the direct care provider. You are all
special people and we are truly saddened that you all will not be continuing the journey with us.
God speed and please continue the fine services you provide.

With much respect & appreciation,
— Kim & Sarah

“Today a couple of things happened. I woke up this morning and watched the weather. I noticed all the schools and day cares closed. Then I saw the pictures on Creative Playrooms’ Facebook page with activities that you were doing with the kids to ‘celebrate’ the bitter cold.

It just made me stop for a moment and really  appreciate the fact that you are always open and
willing to take Zoe. When I mentioned to others that I was taking her to you today, I had multiple people say ‘Creative Playrooms is open?!?!’ Why, yes they are. Because they are awesome.

It’s been 2 years since I left one daycare to bring my daughter to you. In those two years, I’ve realized that it was the best decision I ever made. Your staff has been so wonderful and you are always there when I need you the most. Thank you. (Side note, Just typing that I’ve  been with you for 2 years… makes me wonder where the time went.)

Thank you for always being there. Please pass my gratitude on to the rest of the CP staff… since they are the ones who always brave the wind, cold and snow to be Zoe’s protectors/teachers.”

— Jen Amburn,

“Creative Playrooms provides a fantastic learning environment for children of all cultures.

When we began looking for a daycare for my daughter, Lucia, our criteria included an aesthetically pleasing physical environment; clean, well-equipped, and orderly classrooms; and educated staff. It was important for Lucia to have concrete experiences of the real world.

Creative Playrooms meets these high standards. My four-year-old daughter is excited to attend daycare, learn critical skills, play with her friends, and participate in multiple hands-on experiences.

We look forward to each day of smiles and warm greetings;   and having my daughter come home and present her precious day’s work . . . ”Here Mama, or Papa . . . This is for you.”

Each day that Lucia attends Creative Playrooms, we know that she is in a safe, quality place of love and learning. We feel blessed to have found such an awesome educational place and space for Lucia!”

— Allison, Strongsville, Ohio

“We are always impressed with the cleanliness and fun environment we see everyday, while at the same time achieving a continual preparation for kindergarten that will carry our children through their school years.”

— Shawna Whitlock

“With you, they have grown from infants, to playful, loving, intelligent, friendly, respectful little boys”

— Shaughn Gillihan & Jennifer Youngman

“The atmosphere in the facility is like sending my children to extended family members.”

— Sheree Sims-Martin

 “We love everything about the school and its incredible staff!”

— The Cannole Family