We are an award-winning child care provider located in the Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio.

Creative Playrooms Montessori and Child Care Centers have been a part of the greater Cleveland community for over 50 years. Our unique centers provide families with options such as Montessori programs, swimming lessons, cafeteria-like lunch rooms (with the exception of our Independence location), and expansive outdoor play spaces.

We understand that today’s active families need a partner that really understands the need for safe, reliable, and loving care. At the core of our centers, you’ll find dedicated and highly trained staff who are deeply committed to providing your child the skills they need to reach their individual potential.

Additionally, Creative Playrooms is part of Early Learning Academies (ELA) family, a growing network of trusted early childhood learning centers led by a team of seasoned and committed childcare professionals.


At Creative Playrooms, we aim to foster a love of learning and exploration! Throughout all of our classrooms, our play-based/Montessori/Reggio Emilia approach to learning cultivates an environment that focuses on the whole child and their physical, emotional, and cognitive needs.

However, at Creative Playrooms, we are able to take this one step further by offering parents a choice of traditional preschool or a true Montessori preschool program. This offering is unique and allows for the benefits of a Montessori education combined with convenient and quality childcare.

A Montessori classroom can be identified by a number of aspects. You will find all of the following at our centers: The teachers are credentialed in the Montessori philosophy; a partnership is developed with the family; there is a diverse set of materials, activities, and experiences are designed to foster creativity and social independence; a schedule is in place that allows large blocks of time to problem-solve and create new ideas, and an atmosphere that encourages social interaction for cooperative learning and emotional development is fostered.

Read more about Montessori approach here.


The importance of quality teachers cannot be overstated. In addition to their warmth and sensitivity to the needs of young children, our teachers and assistants are carefully chosen for their experience and training in the fields of early childhood education and child development. Continuous education and participation in early childhood organizations help our staff stay abreast of the latest developments in childhood education.

As a fully licensed childcare center, our teachers are all trained in First-Aid and CPR and have undergone state background checks.



Creative Playrooms believes that children carry the full potential of the person they will become. We are continually pioneering and innovating. More than just daycare, we are staffed by a team of professionals with decades of early learning experience who believe in unleashing children’s innate curiosity by weaving learning into every activity throughout the day. Below are some examples of how we integrate themes into each of our programs.



Themes: Cold, Snow, Bubbles

Sensory: Mirror Play, Pudding Fun, Puppets, Hard/Soft, Fuzzy

Gross Motor: Kick the Ball, Crawling, Stacking Blocks, Bowling, Rolling the Ball

Fine Motor: Puzzles, Cheerio Pick-Up, Color the Circle, Tissue Toss

Audio/Visual: Beat the Drum, Body Awareness, Clapping, Animal Sounds
Sr. Toddlers/Preschool

Sr. Toddlers/Preschool

Themes: Snowflakes /Icicles, Wheeling About, Once Upon a Time

Art: Wheel Painting, Snow Drip, Castle in the Sky,

Science: Melting Snow, Water Colors, Snowflake Patterns

Cooking: Graham Cracker Cars, Stop Light, What is a Snowflake?

Language Arts: Letter Review, Counting, Matching the Mittens

Practical Life: Mechanic, Princesses, Snowplower, Set the Table

Manipulatives: Connectors, Building Towers, Lincoln Logs


Themes: Brr! It’s Cold, In a People House, At the Zoo, Big Top, Special Day Celebrations

Language Arts: Letters P, Q. R, & S, Number Practice, Beginning Rhyming

Science: Animal Cookies, Popcorn Balls, Melting Snow, Sink & Float

Music/Movement: Yoga, Winter Pokey, Frosty Celebration

Art: At the Big Top, Animal Dotter, My Family, Snow Paint, Snowman
Before & After School Social Corner

Before & After School Social Corner

Themes: Alice in Wonderland – Disney

Backyard Science: Snow Melt, Magic Stones, Rabbit Hole Hunt, Lunar Celebration

Cooking: Tea Test, Un-Birthday Cakes

Games Galore: Card Houses, Through the Looking Glass, Un-Birthday Party Games

Art: Cat Print Painting, Clay Tea Cups, Party Hats, Tye-Dye Paint


When your little one is in our care, you never need to worry about their safety! Creative Playrooms put safety first. We utilize secure sign-in/out technology that provides our staff with real-time attendance information. Our childcare system, Smartcare, also allows us to notify parents immediately of any urgent situations. All entrances are monitored by staff or cameras and require passcodes or QR codes for entry. Additionally, staff participates in regular emergency preparedness training and drills.