We are an award-winning childcare provider located in the Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio.

Serving families for more than 50 years, Creative Playrooms emphasizes quality at every level of operation. We are recognized as one of the best childcare providers in northeast Ohio. Always in full compliance with the federal, state, and local regulations, we have consistently received the highest ratings by all licensing, monitoring, and evaluating agencies.

Teachers frequently recommend our childcare center, knowing that its graduates are well-prepared and consistently perform at higher levels than children who have not received the same quality preschool experience.

Creative Playrooms has been recognized for several awards:

  • Small Business News magazine named Creative Playrooms founder as a finalist for its Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2000.
  • Creative Playrooms was nominated by its employees as one of the 99 Best Places to Work in Northeast Ohio, and won in 2000 and 2001.
  • The December 2002 issue of Child Care Business Magazine recognized Creative Playrooms as the 14th largest center in the United States.
  • In January 2003, Creative Playrooms received national recognition as one of the Top 40 Largest For-Profit Child Care Organizations in North America, as published in Child Care Information Exchange Magazine.
  • Creative Playrooms was honored by the Solon Chamber of Commerce for winning the 2008 Business of the Year Award.
  • A History of Caring

    Creative Playrooms was established in 1968 when Joan Wenk sought childcare for her three young children. Her choices were limited and she came away from her search disheartened by the lack of affordable quality care.

    With steely determination, Joan Wenk applied for a small business loan and found a promising site on Broadway in Maple Heights. Together with her life-long friend, Shirley Jeric, they opened Maple Heights Creative Playrooms on April 1, 1968 with five children in attendance.

    After 50 years, Creative Playrooms has grown to have schools in Solon, Westlake, Strongsville, Parma, and Independence in addition to the original Maple Heights location.


    Creative Playrooms believes that children carry the full potential of the person they will become. We are continually pioneering and innovating. More than just a day care, we are staffed by a team of professionals with decades of early learning experience who believe in unleashing children’s innate curiosity by weaving learning into every activity throughout the day. Below are some examples of how we integrate themes into each of our programs.



    Themes: Cold, Snow, Bubbles

    Sensory: Mirror Play, Pudding Fun, Puppets, Hard/Soft, Fuzzy

    Gross Motor: Kick the Ball, Crawling, Stacking Blocks, Bowling, Rolling the Ball

    Fine Motor: Puzzles, Cheerio Pick-Up, Color the Circle, Tissue Toss

    Audio/Visual: Beat the Drum, Body Awareness, Clapping, Animal Sounds
    Sr. Toddlers/Preschool

    Sr. Toddlers/Preschool

    Themes: Snowflakes /Icicles, Wheeling About, Once Upon a Time

    Art: Wheel Painting, Snow Drip, Castle in the Sky,

    Science: Melting Snow, Water Colors, Snowflake Patterns

    Cooking: Graham Cracker Cars, Stop Light, What is a Snowflake?

    Language Arts: Letter Review, Counting, Matching the Mittens

    Practical Life: Mechanic, Princesses, Snowplower, Set the Table

    Manipulatives: Connectors,BuildingTowers,Lincoln Logs


    Themes: Brr! It’s Cold, In a People House, At the Zoo, Big Top, Special Day Celebrations

    Language Arts: Letters P, Q. R, & S, Number Practice, Beginning Rhyming

    Science: Animal Cookies, Popcorn Balls, Melting Snow, Sink & Float

    Music/Movement: Yoga, Winter Pokey, Frosty Celebration

    Art: At the Big Top, Animal Dotter, My Family, Snow Paint, Snowman
    Before & After School Social Corner

    Before & After School Social Corner

    Themes: Alice in Wonderland – Disney

    Backyard Science: Snow Melt, Magic Stones, Rabbit Hole Hunt, Lunar Celebration

    Cooking: Tea Test, Un-Birthday Cakes

    Games Galore: Card Houses, Through the Looking Glass, Un-Birthday Party Games

    Art: Cat Print Painting, Clay Tea Cups, Party Hats, Tye-Dye Paint


    Award Winning

    Best in Ohio


    Creative Playrooms is a part of Early Learning Academies, an established network of expanding child care centers located throughout the United States. Early Learning Academies serves children nationwide.